Residential Metal Roofing

When it comes to residential metal roofing projects, we always emphasize that steel roofs and metal roofs are the “green” choice. Furthermore, this “green” choice of metal roof is available in colours, textures and profiles that are unsurpassed by any non metal roofing products in the marketplace. The selection of metal roofing products is simply huge. As part of the metal roofing installation process, Vassa Metal Roofing typically installs high performance metal roof underlays in some cases as ice shield membranes. Residential metal roofing installations usually entail the implementation of ridge vents at the peak. In assessing one’s residential metal roofing needs, it is important for one to be conscious of the fact that snow and ice slide off smooth surface metal roof systems quite easily. And although this is a desirable outcome in many cases, it certainly is a pitfall if the snow and ice is going to land on your driveway or entrances to your residential home.

Vassa Metal Roofing makes it a point to ensure that every residential metal roofing project prioritizes safety, well-being and durability of the metal roofing system. Please feel free to browse through the various projects that we’ve completed over the years and learn more about our services and expertise. Don’t forget to call or email Tony Kavai for your free estimate / quote today!

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