Steel Roofing

At Vassa Metal Roofing, our steel roofing contractors are trained in the specific needs, methods and installation specifics related to both residential steel roofing as well as commercial steel roofing. We know how to fasten steel roofs in a way like no other. Our steel roofing team ensures that any steel roof we install will extend beyond its lifespan, and will dually ensure that your building is safely protected.


  • Beauty & function - steel roofs tend to look better than other comparable (inferior) non steel roofing alternatives
  • Steel roofs last much longer than lower quality metal roofs and other low-quality roofing alternatives
  • Steel roofing makes for an excellent long term investment – overall lowest cost per annum coverage
  • Fire resistant (steel roofs can’t be burnt!) – steel roofs are always Class A fire resistant (at least the ones supplied, warrantied and installed by Vassa Metal Roofing)
  • High wind resistance – All of the steel roofs that we install are class A wind resistant (covered for wind speeds upwards of 150 km/h)
  • Steel roofs tend to be more light weight than other comparable non metal roofing options like asphalt shingle roofing – steel roofs act to entirely eliminate structural sagging of any kind
  • Steel roofs are fantastic metal roofing products in that they are moisture resistant
  • Steel roofing products are always stain resistant also, meaning that mildew, mold, bacteria and other micro-organismal growth is a non-issue
  • Steel roofs, being constructed completely of steel, are 100% recyclable – this means that steel roofing is environmentally friendly and green-conscious
  • With metal roofs, particularly steel roofing, there are significant tax savings – there are several energy tax credits available for metal roofing purchases (including steel roofing products)

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