Steel Roofing Products

Metal tile panels (such as those that are implemented in the installation of steel roofing products) are graceful and durable steel roofing materials, perfectly suitable for both steep and low-pitched metal roof applications. Steel roofs are an excellent choice because they combine the traditional look of a rustic home or commercial building with the latest steel roofing technology and can be used on both residential and commercial buildings. Furthermore, steel roofing products are commonly utilized in applications of metal re-roofing. Metal tile panels, such as steel tile panels, are made from steel sheet metal, which is zinc-plated on both sides with several layers of protective coatings (which ensure long-range durability and optimal performance over the lifespan of the steel roof). Steel roofing products are one of the most lightweight metal roofing materials available today, which is sometimes a decisive advantage because it does not require any heavy metal roof support structures to be installed in addition to the steel roof iteself.

The weight of the material in most steel roofing products installations is particularly important for applications of metal re-roofing old buildings, since lightweight steel roofing products such as metal panels do not require support structure reinforcing. A surprising fact is that one square (10'x 10') of steel roofing product (metal roof) weighs only 96 pounds, approximately 10 times less than traditional comparable clay tiles.

A few benefits of steel roofing products:

  • With steel roofing products, there are several insurance savings – homeowners’ insurance has been known to drop after the addition of a steel roof / metal roof
  • Steel roofs do not require any maintenance

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